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LifeRev provides the opportunity to learn new skills, explore a new hobby or interest, hear a great speaker + eat a great meal while showcasing our radical hospitality.


tHE 7-week symposium

wed.31.jan.2018 - sun.18.mar.2018 wednesday - sunday weekly

The Foundry at Loft Reverie


815 W Market St

Louisville, KY

For one all day ticket you will enjoy mini-workshops with 7 different experts in the afternoon, rotating through the space and through your preferred “facets of life”. Between your hand curated mini-workshops you will experience a bit of our radical southern hospitality and find time to eat, drink and mingle with our other guests in The Rev Lounge. End the evening with a dynamic and unique chef-inspired 6-course dinner that features 7 guest speakers between courses and eat each of your six courses with experts that fit your curated ranking of “facet of life” preferences.