• No smoking.

  • Not suitable for pets.

  • Check-in is 4PM or later.

  • Check-out is 11AM or earlier.




The building owner requires that I keep a copy of *every* Guest's ID on file. That means *EVERY* GUEST that occupies the space, including but not limited to all guests who receive a key, an elevator keycard are required to PROVIDE THEIR ID FOR COPYING (to be copied in the modern way by taking a digital photograph).


The building owner maintains a 100% smoke-free building. This means there is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed anywhere indoors. If you disregard this, you risk getting me kicked out of my Lofts. This would make you responsible for all costs associated with early termination of my leases and any and all other costs that may be be incurred by me due to you or your guests disregarding this House Rule. Regardless of whether I lose my lease, you agree to forfeit your entire security deposit in order to return the Loft to a smoke-free status. Better not to risk it and just go to the outdoor smoking area to which the front-desk guard can direct you!


Once you are inside the Loft with the door closed it is pretty hard for you to be too loud to bother your neighbors. But the hallway acts like an amplifier into the homes of everyone on the floor. I ask that you and your guests DO NOT LOITER OR TALK LOUDLY IN THE HALLWAYS.


It is imperative that you DO NOT LEAVE WINDOWS OPEN WHEN YOU ARE AWAY. When it rains with a window open, the rain very easily gets inside and damages furniture, carpets, etc. If you do leave windows open when you are away from the Loft, you are responsible for 100% of any damage that occurs.


  • Please PLACE ANY DIRTY TOWELS IN HAMPER PROVIDED. My towels are white and I would appreciate you helping me keep them as clean as possible.


  • FOR MAKE-UP REMOVAL: please use supplied cotton balls, cotton pads or black wash cloths only. Make-up is very hard to remove from the white towels. For any white towels used in this way a claim will be made against the security deposit to replace the towel containing make-up residue.

  • FOR CLEAN UP OF SPILLS, ETC: call me, use paper towels or use "junk" towels that I will show you at check-in.


Prohibited Conduct

You and your occupants or guests may not engage in the following activities:

  1. Loud or obnoxious conduct;

  2. Disturbing or threatening the rights, comfort, health, safety, or convenience of others (including our agents and employees) in or near the apartment community;

  3. Disrupting our business operations;

  4. Illegal Activity—either physically or virtually (ie. over the Loft Reverie wifi)

  5. Manufacturing, delivering, possessing with intent to deliver, or otherwise possessing a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia;

  6. Engaging in or threatening violence;

  7. Possessing a gun, knife, or other weapon on the premises;

  8. Tampering with utilities or telecommunications;

  9. Bringing hazardous materials into the apartment community


Items to be returned in operational condition: Elevator Keycards.

  • REPLACEMENT COSTS: $60 per keycard not returned

For additional information, please holler@us via email or call 502-791-LOFT.

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