Loft Reverie is no ordinary hotel. Boasting 900 to 2800 square feet lofts with full kitchens, high ceilings, comfy cloud couches and versatile Zbeds that roll in and out of the cabinetry, the Loft Reverie experience is a unique southern comfort in modern space. Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, the gateway to the West, Loft Reverie is  walking distance from the Ohio River waterfront, breweries, restaurants, museums, bourbon tasting, glass-making, shows, and public transportation. 

We are looking forward to hosting you at Loft Reverie!

At your request, we will stock the kitchen with items that you order online, just reimburse us for the cost of the groceries + delivery, no up-charge!

Six days prior to your visit*, place your grocery order by clicking the "GO SHOPPING" button below and follow instructions 1 - 10:

  1. Sign in with the email/password you received via email. 

  2. Shop for your groceries + toiletries you wish to be stocked in your loft.  

  3. Click the "Checkout" button.

  4. All the fields will already be filled out. Please leave them as they are. 

  5. Under the "Day and Time" headline: Choose the latest delivery date for an arrival before you check-in (i.e., the best day to choose is the day of your arrival so that we don't have to search for a place to store your groceries while we wait for the previous guest to check-out)

  6. Underneath the "Day and Time" section, there is an "Instructions" headline. In this section enter "PLEASE DELIVER TO LOFT: 801 for guest Jane Smith". (NOTE: Change the loft number to the loft you have reserved + put your name in place of Jane Smith. This step is one of the more important ones as, if you don't put your name in this section, I won't know whose groceries they are.) 

  7. Verify that it indicates that the order will be DELIVERED. (If it is instead listed as "Pick Up", please scroll down + click the "Switch to Delivery" button on the bottom left side of the page.)

  8. Place Order by: clicking "Begin Checkout".

  9. Review your order + choose what substitutions you will allow for each item.

  10. Click "Place Order" + you're finished!


Don't stress about making the right choices for your grocery order. The only way you could mess it up is if you pick the earliest delivery date, which would not give me enough time to make whatever changes might be necessary.

​* Why Order 6 Days Before Check-in: Grocery Ordering is handled BEST less than a week prior to your arrival as you can only set a delivery date 6 days out on ValuMarket. 

After your groceries are delivered, you will receive a copy of your receipt for reimburse. Loft Reverie waits until delivery to finalize billing as the grocery total may change based on product availability and/or product substitutions.


To reimburse via PayPal, please send to: or use the link below:

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