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Denise Taylor

Be Inspired

As an inspirational speaker, Denise has delivered conference keynotes and presentations across the country, training groups of every size, age and demographic in perspective and perseverance. Passionate, transparent and a shining example of what’s possible, Denise will gift you with a new perspective, an attitude of gratitude, and a fresh desire to celebrate life.


The founder of Surprise Invite and  the We GET To Organization and creator of The Parting Gift™ and Wacky Wednesdays, Denise has authored two books. Heavenly Birth. A Mother’s Journey. A Daughter’s Legacy. and “You’re Invited to the Party of Your Life.”

Check Out Denise's videos at the following links: 

Denise Taylor on Wave 3 

Focus on the Destination

Dr. Peter Swanz

Investing In Your Health with Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Peter Swanz is a Naturopathic Physician in Louisville Kentucky. He has advanced training in classical homeopathy and nutrition. Dr. Swanz focuses on the holistic health of the patients he supports in his Vital Force Practice. Dr. Swanz regularly writes and speaks about a variety of health topics. He has a YouTube channel where he shares ideas and thoughts related to health and a vital holistic lifestyle. In addition to inspiring health, Dr. Peter Swanz is a stand-up comic in Louisville where he regularly performs at open mics and is even occasionally paid for telling jokes. Dr. Swanz is a dynamic and engaging speaker, sure to inspire you towards your health goals in the New Year.

For more information about Dr. Swanz, check out his website, follow him on Instagram  or view his YouTube Channel

Dorothy Henning

"Movement is Life"

Dorothy Henning is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais™ Practitioner who has been practicing the Feldenkrais™ Method of Somatic Education in Strasbourg, France since 2004.  Dorothy completed the four-year Feldenkrais Practitioner Professional Training Program in San Francisco and Switzerland and also has a BS in Sports Education from Strasbourg, France.  While in France, she worked with high level national athletes as well as collaborated with the Ludica Center for stroke victims in Strasbourg working to aid in their functional recovery.

Neuroplasticity is the potential for the brain to change and heal at all ages.  The implications this has on learning, especially after injury and illness, are potentially without limit.  Dorothy’s passion for neuroplasticity, combined with her experience with athletic training and healing from her own injury, inspires her Feldenkrais work.

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