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Sarah Morris McCauley

Sarah offers a unique perspective and background as leader of the Reverie team. Her experience is a balanced blend of customer service, hospitality, marketing, event development and promotion, and entrepreneurship intermingled with exploration to expand her knowledge and define her dreams. She has 8+ years of experience in hospitality and nearly 18 years of customer service experience, including restaurant, hotel and event development. Sarah has participated in a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities for a cumulative total of 11 years of experience, which have provided her, and now the Reverie team, with skills in marketing, management and team building. She utilizes these experiences to her guests’ and team’s advantage. Sarah is a multifaceted woman who has leveraged her varied experiences to launch the successful Loft Reverie and Event Reverie businesses.

Sarah has a thirst for knowledge as evidenced by her academic journey which included the University of Cincinnati (Architecture), University of Louisville (Cultural Anthropology), Louisville Aviation (Private Pilot’s License), FlightSafety Academy (Commercial and Instructor, single- and twin-engine Pilot’s licenses) and Columbia University (Women and Gender Studies). She also developed her leadership and team building skills while attending Personal Dynamics, Lifespring Trainer University and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Her quest for learning prompted Sarah to travel and investigate the world outside her native city of Louisville. She has visited 128 cities in 14 countries and has experienced a multitude of cultures, as well as all levels of hospitality — from the spectacular to the sparse. With the addition of her experience in a variety of hospitality and service jobs, she can appreciate what good customer service means from the perspective of both the person providing and receiving the service. With this information, she is building a business and team focused on world class hospitality and customer service.

Sarah brings leadership (10+ years) and event development experience (15 years) to the Reverie business. She also lived and worked in New York City for 10 years where she cultivated a passion for hosting events and catering to high end travel clients at such places as the TriBeCa Grand and SoHo Grand Hotels. She became well known for her creative, interactive and profitable events where each guest’s experience was personal and unique. Sarah’s parties were always featured in the highly competitive Time Out New York magazine which promotes top-billed events in the city. Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to develop a Leadership Coaching business in 2009. She is a Certified Mastermind Facilitator and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and has worked with many individuals to develop their entrepreneurial and leadership potential.

Today, Sarah owns and manages Loft Reverie and its companion business, Event Reverie. Her hard work in growing these businesses is evident through the significant increase in overnight stays in 2014 as well as the strong potential for event bookings slated to begin in 2016. Sarah is a creative individual who has her own artistic flare which shines through in her loft spaces and during all aspects of the events she creates. Many of her positive reviews reflect appreciation for the unique, beautiful and personal experiences she provides to her guests.

Sarah Morris McCauley is a determined dream and goal-oriented woman, who sets her sights and skills on what she wishes to accomplish and then works to make it happen, just like she did pursuing her dream to fly. Sarah obtained her pilot’s license and then became a flight instructor at the age of 21. She now has her sights set on building the Reverie brand and providing memory making experiences for her guests.

Sarah is featured in Today's Woman Louisville, 2018: 

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